Bits and Pieces about Mental Health Recovery

Resistance is futile?

Who or what are you resisting in your life right now?

Who or what are you resisting in your life right now?

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Trypophobia: WTF is it?

Trypophobia is a condition I’ve had since I can remember. In a nutshell it is a nervous, flesh crawling response to particular patterns and textures, typically organic and often involving small holes. It’s especially bad when associated with skin. It’s a known condition (although obviously I’ve never Googled it, lest I turn inside out), however it’s not recognised in the DSM. This is probably because of the large pool of possible triggers which are different for each person. So, it’s not like being deathly afraid of a single thing, say, snakes or cotton wool, And this is one of the particularly awful things about it – you never really know when you might come across a trigger. They often come out of the blue, you might come across something in the street or scrolling through images online and completely by accident trigger yourself.

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Crash Course

I heart emoji all over Crash Course. And I just found their great videos on OCD and Anxiety disorders. Check out their other shorts at their YouTube channel

I just invested in myself. Kendra’s course looks exciting and interesting and I’m really hoping that I’m going to be able to take some important lessons away from it. I’ll make some regular updates, but for now, check out her site! Totally awesome lady 😀

I can have the things I love, right?

You are invincible.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

You have superpowers that shimmer inside and burst out like fire and wind.

Be whatever you wish.

Live your wildest life.

Burn the hurdles and send tornados after your critics, for they are mere dust in the wake of your potential.

The Infomagical Challenge.

If you are in any way into podcasts you may have heard of Note to Self, a great show about technology and being human. You may also have heard of their week long challenge to reduce the information overload many of us experience day to day – Infomagical. It consists of five challenges spread over five days, each designed to help you take back control of your digital life. In addition, you choose an information goal to reach using the challenges: I chose to increase my knowledge in a particular subject; there was a complicated topic I needed to bend my brain around for my oral exam. I actually thought I had a pretty good relationship with technology, but there’s always room for improvement in everything, so I thought why not? This is how it went down…

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What if I say I’m not just another one of your plays, you’re the pretender. What if I say that I’ll never surrender? ~ Foo Fighters

I can have everything I want, just maybe not all at the same time.

Tim JP Collins has some really brilliant advice on his website and also on his podcast!


When it comes.

Imagine that feeling you get when you get some sort of shock or terrible news, like your stomach flips over or even feels like it’s been punched. Or maybe that moment when you realise you’ve done something terrible and you’re not sure how you’re going to make it right? Dial that down to about 50% and sit with that for an unknown amount of time. Also add in some thoughts telling you you’re worthless and lazy and what’s even the point of you anyway, you can’t do the thing. You can’t even get out of bed. That’s how I experience anxiety

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When I was fifteen.

When I was fifteen I went for a psychiatric evaluation at the local hospital’s out-patient facility. I don’t remember how I got the referral, I suspect my Mum got one through our local GP. There were all kinds of people in the waiting room; some were clearly very distressed or catatonic, some had severe intellectual handicaps, and all of them sitting in various states of agitation. Welcoming was not a word I would use to describe this space. After the evaluation, I remember Mum telling me how alarmed she felt to bring me there and how I just didn’t seem to fit among that group of people. If only all mental illnesses were so equally obvious, talk about starting at a disadvantage.

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Ketamine metabolite is a fast-acting anti-depressant.

An article just published online in the latest issue of Nature indicates that a metabolite of (R, S)-ketamine, rather that the drug itself, is the responsible agent for it’s fast-acting anti-depressant effect.

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