Bits and Pieces about Mental Health Recovery


April 2016

Silence is not the way, we need to talk about it ~ Bush



The faulty walnut.


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Are pills the only way, to make myself complete again? They’ve become the only way, to a wonderful life with a happy ending ~ Biffy Clyro

Coming off antidepressants.

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Spoon theory: something everyone should know about.

Spoon theory was originally thought up as a way of describing to others what it’s like to manage chronic pain, fatigue or other disabilities. I think it’s also a great way to think about anxiety, depression and other debilitating mental health problems.

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That thing that happened.

I would like to share with you a piece I wrote around a year ago that I only shared with one person at the time. It kinda made me want to throw up after I wrote it and you can bet your ass I had a good, hearty cry afterwards. Self compassion is a bitch, my friends. I started this blog because I felt like it was time to share this story and everything that came after it.

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Dance to the beat of your downfall ~ Haujobb 

This was a bit close to home.

I came across this during a day-long binge on inspiring media. His description of descent into panic attacks really mirrored my own experiences. Got me right in the sub-coccal area ❤

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